We’re an extension of your business. Let’s co-create holistic, personalised IT solutions that improve your business continuity, efficiency and profitability.

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Welcome to STASSNET

We provide relevant IT Solutions & Support for today’s ever-shifting world. 

We believe in keeping IT simple, so we take care of all the unnecessary office hassles which tend to plague our day to day lives and bring it down to what and how can we make easiest and most user friendly for you.

STASSNET resolves 4 key problems for a professional services business

Poorly performing IT service providers reduce productivity and risk the integrity of your business. Also, IT is often a distraction, however it is important to keep up to date with advancements to remain competitive. Add to this the threat of cyber crime it’s obvious that badly managed IT is a costly distraction and risk.


Get a high performing IT service provider that significantly improves productivity and protects the integrity of your business.


Avoid large and also variable costs. The IT Health Plan provides a comprehensive and surprisingly affordable service at a fixed monthly rate.


Don’t get distracted by ever increasing technology requirements and issues that don’t in fact add direct value to your clients.


Protect your business against ever increasing cyber security threats. Specifically from hackers, viruses, ransomware, etc.

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